Software Development

At Computerized Business Solutions, Inc., we have years of experience building solutions that help you harness the power of data.  Our teams of experts’ help you design, implement, and support an intuitive and a reliable custom database solutions that fit with your needs.

Powered by Microsoft® technology

We build solutions based on Microsoft SQL Server®, and we benefit from Microsoft support. That means you get a great product, with A high level of security, reliability, and scalability.

The ability to store and retrieve information at virtually any time and on any device.  SQL Server is a trusted, productive, and intelligent relational data management system that provides an enterprise-ready data framework for your business.

We’re excited to share more with you about our products and services. Contact us today for more information or book an appointment for a free on-site assessment of your requirements, we look forward to helping you transform your data into a powerful business asset.

We are leaders in migrating FoxPro and Visual FoxpPro applications. In addition, If you would like to upsize your current project or parts of it to Microsoft SQL Server, CBSI has certified experts that can help.