How To Use the Window’s Snap Feature in Windows 10 – Part 1

Part 1 of 3 – Snap with the mouse

Snapping windows in Windows 10 is now quicker and easier than before. In this three part series I’ll explain how.

Prior versions of windows allowed us to snap windows so they take up the full half of a screen but with Windows 10, Microsoft has improved the snap feature to include more options. You can now snap windows so they take up  just a quarter of the screen as well.

To snap a window, click its title bar and drag it to any edge of your screen. An outline will appear to show you where the window will snap to once you drop it.


  • Drag it to the left or right side of your screen to snap it to the left or right half of the screen.
  • Drag it to any corner to snap it to the corresponding quadrant.
  • Drag it to the top of your screen to maximize window to full-size.