How To Use Window’s Snap Assist in Windows 10 – Part 3

Part 3 of 3 – Snap Assist

In Part 1, I showed you how to use the Windows snap feature in Windows 10 using the mouse and in Part 2, I showed you how to use the same snapping feature using the keyboard instead. Regardless of how you decide to use the snap feature, keyboard, mouse or a combination of both. In this video, I’ll show you how to make that process even easier and faster by using another windows 10 snap feature, known as Snap Assist. Continue reading “How To Use Window’s Snap Assist in Windows 10 – Part 3”

Getting the most out of CBSI iComp’s Selection Criteria

Basic Selection Criteria

Most data entry forms in CBSI iComp provides a List page with Selection Criteria fields just above a list grid on the page in addition to the standard data entry form. This provides you with a way to retrieve a Data Set based on a certain criteria.

Introducing Data Sets

One of the differences you will notice about CBSI iComp is that it uses the concept of retrieving Data Sets from the database. In other words, you can limit the amount of data you retrieve from the database by entering a value in one or more of the List tab selection criteria fields. The only records available at any given time will be the records in the current data set. Continue reading “Getting the most out of CBSI iComp’s Selection Criteria”

How to Use the User Defined Fields Feature

You can leverage CBSI iComp to store much more information than just the basic insured or policy details. CBSI iComp enables you to track unlimited custom information about each one. User-Defined Fields are one of the shared modules in of iComp and is fully integrated with the Applications, Audit Tracker, Agents, Insureds and Policies forms. You can add and store as many User-Defined Fields as you want.As a Marketing Representative, for example, you might create a User-Defined Field for each client’s birth date, dog’s name or favorite sport, will help you in the next sales call – and the customer will think he’s the most important one on your list. Continue reading “How to Use the User Defined Fields Feature”

How to use iComp’s Mail Merge Feature?

Why Mail Merging?

Every business requires a set of standard documents to do its work. Examples include proposals, statements, invoices, fax cover sheets, and so on. Many businesses create boilerplate templates for their documents using Microsoft Word, and then distribute these templates to the employees who need them. CBSI iComp facilitates this process by providing a templates library where shared boilerplate templates can be stored and accessed by any CBSI iComp user. Continue reading “How to use iComp’s Mail Merge Feature?”